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The Boy and I.

"When I am grown up,
I shall climb the mountain."
He said, pointing a small hand.

Who am I to tell,
the mountain can not be climbed,
except in the dreams of boys?

Summer storms come fast
shadowing afternoon skies
what is their inspiration?

They come to remind
all lost in the hazy sun
Winter shall again return


Susan Settje & Andrew Hide

Mountain Retreat.

For six days I searched
hilltop to the valley floor,
where is your mountain retreat?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For five nights you slept
in the comfort of its walls,
yet still woke empty handed.

Fresh Snow.

Fresh snow on the road,
once more I will walk the path
for the first time, yet again.

Maybe tomorrow
I will tread on today's path,
or place fresh footsteps in snow.

How many trickles,
have passed through this river bend,
since the river first awoke?
On this Autumn day,
far more than the spring witnessed,
less than the mouth has spoken.

Dance upon ceiling
illuminating rafters
sunlight from the old bucket
The early Spring sun
melts away the Winters ice
freeing the water again

She sailed the seas
forty years of storm and swell
now motionless on the beach

Children on her decks
sailing on the seven seas
Aye Aye Capt'n still rings out

Watching the village
people are always leaving
why do our friends leave their home

Our friends have to leave
so they can learn the value
and beauty of their homeland

River Bend.

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